Lickguard Pet Topical Natural Ointment to Stop Licking Biting & Chewing 0.75 oz.

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LickGuard is a natural unpleasant tasting ointment to discourage licking by your pet. LickGuard uses a combination of texture, taste, and smell to create a no lick solution.

Step 1: Adhesive Base
LickGuard's adhesive base creates a stable environment holding the essential oils in suspension, maintaining their intensity. The sticky base clings to the animal's tongue prolonging the intense taste.

Step 2: Terrible Taste
Essential oils along with citric acid successfully work together to tough call areas ofthe tongue - the sweet on the tip, the salty and sour on either side, and the bitter towards the back. 

LickGuard also generates a "hot" sensation on the tongue from cinnamon bar, oregano oil, and peppermint oil. These oils do not actually burn the tongue or make it physically hot, but stimulate receptors that normally respond to heat, thus tricking the brain into feeling a "hot" sensation.

Step 3: Smell Triggers Memory
Lastly, garlic and spearmint oil both activate the olfactory system by creating a distinct smell. Since smell and taste work together, the animal will associate the smell with the bad taste.

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