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Piccard's pet tips

Dogs and Vomiting

Dogs and Vomiting | Piccardmeds4pets.com
Dogs can take Emetrol It’s fairly safe when conservatively dosed. The sweet cherry liquid flavor makes it easier to administer compared to tablets....

Brewers yeast Information

Brewers yeast Information | Piccardmeds4pets.com
From all the studies in humans, it has been found that brewer’s yeast is a great antioxidant and that applies to dogs as well.  This is beneficial...

Puppy Bitting

Puppy Bitting | Piccardmeds4pets.com

Learning to Control Puppy Biting Puppy biting can become really annoying sometimes. Here is a step by step guide, a courtesy of How To Teach a Dog.Com, based on the article How To Stop Puppy Biting to help you learn how to control it. Enjoy!

Happy Fall Season

Halloween Items on Sale NOW! Pet MD Symptom checkerAll Horse Wormers on Sale, till the end October.  Vaccinate Puppies and Kittens as soon as they no longer with Mom, normally 5 to 6 weeks, repeat every three weeks at least  three times. Use code save7 at checkout and save an additional 7 % of your order. (Not all items qualified)Wormers