Quest Plus Horse Wormer & Boticide Moxidectin Praziquantel Equine Paste Tube

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Treats tapeworm infection and encysted small strongles in horses, all in a single dose. Safe, effective, easy to use, unique clear gel formula, environmentally friendly - will not disrupt dung beetle activity and no issues with parasite resistance.

Quest Plus Gel contains 2% Moxidectin and 12.5% Praziquantel for the treatment and control of large and small strongyles, encysted small strongyles, roundworms, pinworms, hairworms, large mouth stomach worms, bots and tapeworms. 
One dose suppresses strongyle egg production through 84 days. 
May be used in horse and ponies 6 months of age and older, has not been tested in breeding mares or stallions. One tube will treat up to 1250 lbs.
QUEST PLUS® (moxidectin/praziquantel) Equine Oral Gel when administered at the recommended dose level of 0.4 mg moxidectin/kg and 2.5 mg praziquantel/kg (2.2 lb) body weight is effective in the treatment and control of the following stages of gastrointestinal parasites in horses and ponies: Large Strongyles, Small Strongyles, Encysted cyathostomes, Ascarids, Pinworms, Hairworms, Large-mouth stomach worms, Horse stomach bots, Tapeworms.
One administration of the recommended dose rate of QUEST PLUS® (moxidectin/praziquantel) Equine Oral Gel also suppresses strongyle egg production through 84 days

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