Martin's Permethrin 10% Fleas Lice Ticks Mange Multi-Purpose Insecticide Gallon

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Martin's Permethrin 10% liquid concentrate controls a wide number of insects and is labeled for use indoors and outdoors.

Safe for use around pets, Horses and Livestock.

Our most popular solution for long lasting control of MOSQUITOES & FLIES.

Mix with PBO synergist for increased knockdown.

This powerful pyrethroid concentrate gives a broad spectrum - fast-acting - mild resistance kill. Permethrin 10% is the cost-effective-versatile insecticide, with many uses.

Excellent for control of yard insects.

Emulsifiable animal & premise spray with 28-day residual effect.

-Kills horseflies, stable flies, lesser houseflies and other manure breeding flies, fleas, lice, mites & ticks, including deer ticks.

-Aids in the control of cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, mange mites, gnats, face flies, hornflies, horseflies, ear ticks, blowflies, hog lice, poultry mites & northern fowl mites.

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