HealthGuard Antibacterial Hand Cream with Vibax Triclosan Fungus Yeast Pump 8 oz.

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An excellent product to have on hand in all homes, Health Guard Antibacterial Hand Lotion, is used to stop the spread of germs between animal to animal or people to people.

It soothes and moisturizes dry, irritated skin with a residual activity that can heal problem areas on both animals and people. It aids in the control of hot spots, animal Antibacterial Hand Lotion acne, rodent ulcers, and minor skin irritations, eczema, and bacterial problems on the skin of animals and people.

Will also treat yeast infections and ringworm on people and animals. Has been found to be useful on athletes foot and the treatment of poison ivy/oak.

Small amounts can be used on kittens, puppies, and other small animals. This product can also be used as a pre-glove moisturizer.

Great for use in nursing homes, dental and doctor offices, vet clinics, and kennels. Great to use if you show or judge animals.

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